Early years

Radcliffe College, Harvard University, 1968 English and Fine Arts major, graduated cum laude.

Summer 1968 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, memory of teachers Philip Pearlstein and Ben Shahn were that Pearlstein criticized my drawings for having a too hard edge and that Shahn defended my work in a critique for which I was grateful. Painted an anti-war fresco in fresco barn with artist Mike Henderson.


Lived in Venice, California became involved with feminism and community art. 

Attended Feminist Studio Workshop at Cal Arts studying with Judy Chicago and Mimi Shapiro, but left to co-found first the Citywide Mural Project and then SPARC, the Social and Public Art Resource Center, with muralist Judy Baca, and work for the city of Los Angeles as a community mural organizer and painter. As a community muralist I worked with street gangs in East Los Angeles and Watts creating murals in parks and on city walls; I also worked with seniors and children painting murals in senior centers and schools. 

SPARC continues to this day as one of the most pre-eminent public art organizations in California.


Moved to New York City.  Residencies at the Cummington Community of the Arts led to a series of waterfall and birch tree paintings, which I exhibited in the East Village at and later in Soho and Los Angeles: 

1987, “Landscapes and Holy Pictures”, Zeus-Trabia Gallery, East Village;

1988, “Twenty-One Ways of Looking a t a Waterfall”, Trabia-MacAffee Gallery, Soho

1989, “Widow-Maker Drawings”, Trabia-MacAffee Gallery, Soho

1991, “Paintings from the Birch Forest”, Hal Katzen Gallery, NYC, NY

1991, “Birch Paintings”, Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

My work was reviewed in many publications including the New York Times in 1988, 1989, and 1991 and the Los Angeles Times and Art in America in 1991.

During this time, I also participated in numerous group shows in the East Village and elsewhere including the Clocktower, Fashion Moda and PS 1.

A summer spent at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in Hangchow, China studying Chinese brush painting, brought more immediacy and a calligraphic line to my painting.

During this time I worked in all five boroughs of New York City schools in the Learning through an Expanded Arts Program, (LEAP) with primary school students teaching print-making, Chinese calligraphy, collage, mask-making, and paintings murals. 

Became involved again with feminist politics as part of a group of anonymous women artist political activists (the Guerrilla Girls). We created posters decrying sexism and racism in the art world and in the dead of night plastered Soho with our posters. As GG’s we made an impact on the art world discourse and practice of  treatment of women in the arts although there still remains enormous amounts to do.

Received a Pollock-Krasner Grant in 1988

Received a Adolph and Esther Gottleib Grant in 1989


1991- 1996

Was fortunate to return to my roots in public art and received several large mural commissions under the percent for art construction program. In Los Angeles, I painted “The Big Splash” at the Greyhound Terminal in downtown Los Angeles and “Chagall Comes to Venice Beach” in Venice at the Israel Levin Senior Center. Also painted “The Fire Mural” at the DD Bean Match Factory in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, and “The Peaceable Kingdom” in the Bronx at the Kennedy Child Study Center. I also received a SITES grant from the NY Board of Education, another percent for art program, and painted a mural in the auditorium of PS 190 in East New York. 

Images of "Chagall Returns to Venice Beach"

I returned to school and received my MFA from Rutgers in 1994. My thesis show was a series of paintings as myself as a tomboy. At Rutgers I taught first year paintings and drawing classes.


1996-2005 1999 

From 1996-2005 I taught cultural history, art history and studio art at the Ross School, a private school in East Hampton. Ross is an independent school in East Hampton with an integrated spiral curriculum focused on project based learning and team teaching. When I started at Ross there were 48 students and grades 5-8. I wrote and taught the 8th grade Medieval World Cultural History curriculum and was the 8th grade team leader. By the time I left in 2006, the school was k-12 and had over 500 students. In  my years at Ross I taught cultural history, art history, and studio art in the middle and high school.

I adopted my daughter, Chun, from China. Being a mom led to my “Dorothy” series, a series of large mixed media canvases based on a 1950’s coloring book of “The Wizard of Oz” which I exhibited in East Hampton and Sag Harbor. With the Dorothy paintings, I began the practice of adhering materials to canvas as part of the painting. 

At a workshop at Ross I learned encaustic painting, which has gradually become one of  my preferred mediums. My pai


My painting, "Sign For A Lesbian Bar"m is featured in the book  "Women and Art: Contested Territory" by Judy Chicago and Edwatd Lucie-Smith.


Moved back to NYC, taught at York Prep in Manhattan.  At York I was given the opportunity to create an art history course for seniors. I designed the course around teaching students “to see” art as an artist does and all units were based on exhibitions in New York City museums and galleries.

Showed small encaustic paintings in Sag Harbor at the Merz Gallery and the Springs Invitational in East Hampton. However during this time I was primarily involved with the illness and death of my sister and father.



Diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma in late 2008. Treatment and recovery from complications lasted until early 2010. During this time did no painting.

Returned to studio and began making abstract paintings in encaustic on material. These have now been shown at TOAST, the Springs Invitational in East Hampton, and Gallery Ehwa in Provincetown in a group show titled “Polylogue”.

 Provincetown Arts article.



Work in Portrait Show at The Ross School written up in Dan’s Papers. 

Springs Invitational 2012, 2013, 2014.

Wrote Cultural History, English and Visual Arts curricula for grades 5-9 for the Ross School

Began a series of large scale works on paper of faces.

Taught encaustic at the Art Barge in Amagansett, New York, summer 2012 and 2013.



"Tomboys", Leslie-Lohman Gay and Lesbian Museum Project Space. 36 Tomboy paintings will be exhibited at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in Soho in January.